Road Trip


This time two weeks ago I was driving through beautiful Colorado and bewildering Utah on my way to sunny California. I started my journey that Monday in South Jersey. My Mom and I packed all (read: most. my parents are currently shipping me five boxes…) my belongings into my little car and began our cross country journey– a journey that took us 5 days, 3000 miles and through 9 states on mostly one highway (I-70). But we made it without a physical scratch (there were some emotional ones… specifically in Kansas), and I’m slowly settling into my new west coast life!

And I will be telling you all about that life here– sharing my thoughts and experiences as I explore a new city and transition from life on the east coast to life on the left coast.

But first, here are some of my thoughts/observations from the road trip:

  • We were very curious as to how the time zones were going to work– obviously we knew in which states the change would occur, we just didn’t know exactly when we would see the change. The first was in Illinois– the time change happened the second after we crossed over the state line. It was crazy. nachos
  • In Kansas I ran over a tumbleweed. I now truly know why Dorothy wanted to leave.
  • It pains me to admit it, but Busch stadium is LIT– on our second night of the road trip, we stayed in St. Louis and went to a Cardinals game because they were playing our favorite team, the Cincinnati Reds. They had margaritas ON TAP, and I got nacho. tater tots. NACHO TOTS. It was incredible. The Reds lost, but the stadium treats were a pretty great consolation prize.
  • Colorado has the best state welcome sign– sadly, we passed it too quickly for me to take a picture, but it was built from rocks and had a hand painted wood sign bidding us welcome to “Colorful Colorado.”
  • We drove through/up/down several mountains. It is crazy how different they look from state to state:
    • Colorado is absolutely gorgeous, and the sky seemed so much bluer and brighter at the higher altitude. Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
    • Utah was much stonier, and whereas we passed several towns in our drive through Colorado, there were very few signs of civilization as we drove through Utah. It was cloudy and eerie, but also kind of breathtaking. utah
    • The mountains in Arizona were much more colorful, and filled with crazy cacti!
  • This is not an original thought, but freight trucks should have their own secluded roads to drive on instead of weaving in and out of normal traffic like they own the road.
  • When you hear “Heathens” (the song from Suicide Squad) 100 times, it starts to sound amazing and catchy and fun, despite it actually being garbage.

That’s it for my rambling… until next time,

Stay Tuned.



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