Tour Dates


I didn’t move to LA without ever having been here before. My senior year I came here for my Spring Break. I made a great group of friends when I studied abroad in London at Kings College, and from time to time we get together and travel. One of us lives in LA (she is now my roommate) so the four east coasters took advantage and made our way to her neck of the woods for the week.

My future roommate showed us some traditional touristy spots, and some more unique locations. When my mom was here, after we made the standard trips to Ikea, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. and got my apartment settled, I revisited much of our Spring Break itinerary with her.

First, I took her to the Getty Museum. It’s great because it’s free… and not only does it have a great collection of art, but it also has beautiful gardens. The building itself is also stunning, as well as its views.


The next day, we took on Beverly Hills. First, I took her to my favorite spot– Greystone Mansion. Positioned at the top of the biggest hill in Beverly, Greystone is the location for many the movie/tv shoot– it starred as Chilton in Gilmore Girls. Being a huge GG fan, that’s definitely what first drew me to the mansion, but the beautiful foliage, fountain lined grounds and awe-striking views are what keep me going back.


After Greystone, we walked up Rodeo drive and later found ourselves img_2915eating lunch at Ocean Prime which had the atmosphere of our dreams– we ate outside on the patio seated in a rounded booth with the sun shining and a slight breeze, surrounded by flowers and trees. We also managed to get a free glass of wine due to an error by the waiter. It was a pricey lunch… but it was worth the experience. And you know, sometimes you have to Treat Yo’self.

img_2913-1The next day we did Hollywood, because you can’t not do Hollywood. I showed her the Chinese Theater, the Walk of Fame and the Hollywood sign. She also got a taste of the classic Hollywood life– I wanted to show her Dolby Theater and as it turned out, the Latin American Music Awards were being held there that day and Telemundo was out front hosting a red carpet.

For her final day in LA, I took my mom to Malibu. We went to the pier and got a glass of wine at the restaurant there. Then went onto the beach and watched the surfers. It was veryimg_2900 relaxing– exactly what we needed after a long two, very busy, somewhat stressful, weeks.

Tonight I’m trying Korean BBQ for the first time… to hear about that experience and my observations from my first two weeks here,

Stay tuned.



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