The Luck of the Irish

On Sunday, my roommate, her boyfriend and I went to Tom Bergin’s to watch the Patriots game (yes, I am a fan), and I had my first celebrity sighting.

Tom Bergin’s is one of the oldest Irish pubs in LA, and it’s full of charm. The bar, floor and walls are all made of a medium-dark wood, and the ceiling is covered with clovers img_3004featuring patrons’ names. Some of them are so old that they’ve yellowed.

There are several big TVs that make it perfect for sports watching and classic Irish beers like my favorite, Harp.

As the Patriots game moved along, more and more people started to fill the bar. At one point,  I turned away from the TV to talk to my friends and peered across the bar. There was a figure with dark hair and a tan jacket that looked vaguely familiar.

And then it hit me.

“SANDY COHEN! IT’S SANDY COHEN!!” I whisper-screamed to my roommate.

It was Peter Gallagher. I watched The OC (most of it. I stopped when I finished season 3. You know why), and Sandy Cohen is such a great and iconic character that this was a pretty amazing first celebrity sighting for me.

I didn’t get a picture of him because I am not a total creep, but I did pass him on my way to the bathroom, and we made eye contact. I’m happy to report that his eyebrows are just as fantastic in person as they are on the screen.

For more so LA moments,

Stay Tuned.



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