Taste of LA

I have officially been in LA for a month! Which is totally crazy…

One thing that I’ve gotten to know about LA is that there is a wealth of food choices. Everything you can think of, they’ve got it.

Below is a list/rating of the various foods I have tried so far:

Cafe Vida, Culver City—  The place where I tried my first veggie sandwich! This consisted of avocado, tomato, jack cheese, lettuce, pea sprouts, shaved carrots, red onions and basil mayo. I added some Trader Joe’s edamame hummus and the result was pretty incredible.

Rating: 8/10

Sake House by Hikari, Culver City— FINALLY my first sushi burrito! Shrimp Tempura and spicy crab with avocado, mixed vegetables, corn, and sour cream wrapped in soy paper.

Rating: AH-mazing– 10/10


Gracias Madre, West Hollywood— So this place has an amazing Happy Hour: everything is $6! I got a strawberry sangria that came complete with a chocolate covered strawberry. My roommate got a tequila mule. She said it had a bit too much ginger in it. Though I enjoyed my drink, there is a big caveat to this happy hour: the menu is vegan. It’s a VEGAN Mexican restaurant. The nachos were made with cashew cheese… I am allergic to nuts.

Rating: Drinks– 8/10, Food– 1/10


Hae Jang Chon, Koreatown— My first Korean BBQ! When I was in college I helped found a chapter of a professional cinema fraternity on my campus called DKA. There are three other Dekas from my chapter currently in LA so we all met up for Korean BBQ– apparently an LA staple. It was quite an interesting experience. There is a hot griddle in the middle of your table and each place setting is complete with various sauces and garnishes. They also give you white rice. Then, you pick various meats from the menu and they bring them over and throw them on the griddle, and you cook them. So basically I consumed lots o’ meat– mostly beef. Some of it was great, some of it was eh… but it was a pretty fun dinner. We also got these delicious Kimchi Pancakes that came with this amazing fried egg… Oh, I forgot to mention what is arguably the most important part… All you can eat for $23.99! Bargain.

Rating: This was definitely fun, but I reached my meat quotient for a month. 5/10

This marks the end of my food tasting highlight reel.

For more food feedback,

Stay Tuned!



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