Welcome to Stars Hollow

Today I experienced one of the biggest perks of living in LA– Hollywood magic!

This Friday, as I’m sure you are aware, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life drops on Netflix. As a promotion for the revival and a gift to the fans, Netflix hosted a free event called the “Festival of the Four Seasons” on UCLA’s campus.

img_3156First off, today actually felt like fall. I got to wear tights and boots which was great because I’ve been aching with fall FOMO for the past week or so. When I walked onto UCLA’s campus I felt so much nostalgia for college– seeing the fall foliage and the leaves covering the still green quad. *sigh*

img_3161The festival started at 12 and the queue for the event opened at 10:30 so naturally I got there at 10 to be safe… but I’m glad I did because I made it into the first group of the day! And the waiting time went by fast between texting my mom and friends, people watching, drooling over a corgi that a woman was cradling as she walked by me, and chatting with other people in line.

I wanted to go with my roommate but she left to spend Thanksgiving in London on Friday (written with extreme envy) so I went alone, but I met two other solo girls in line and we walked around the festival together.





So what exactly was in the festival you ask? A mini Stars Hollow! with the real gazebo from the show and other props featured in a “Kim’s Antiques” tent, including the family portrait of Lorelai, Richard, and Emily as well as the one of Rory.

img_3160There was Taylor’s Old Fashioned Soda Shoppe where you could pick up a free bag of candy– an assortment of adorable buttons (though you could only pick one and it was a very difficult decision)– free coffee from Luke’s– a “post office” where you could mail special Stars Hollow post cards to save the date for the revival– and plenty of photo ops like this one:





It was pretty perfect. It was a dream– the perfect Sunday.

It even rained as I was leaving– real fall weather! real Stars Hollow feels!

To hear more about the perks of LA life,

Stay Tuned


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