Gobble Guzzle

This Thanksgiving I got a taste of NorCal. My uncle lives in Santa Rosa so instead of heading back to the East Coast for a mere four days (I’m going home for two weeks over Christmas), I opted to hang with my West Coast family.

The first day I got in, my uncle took me to Francis Ford Coppola’s winery in  Geyserville. It was huge. and beautiful. It looks like a castle or a mansion right out of the Tuscan country side. Because Sonoma County has apparently gotten quite a bit of rain in October and November, the grounds were GREEN and the grape vines were a beautiful fall yellow.


There is also a pool… Obviously this is going to be a destination for me this summer and I haven’t even gotten to what it was like inside yet…

Paradise. It is paradise. There are props galore from most of Coppola’s movies, including The Godfather desk (which of course I rubbed my hands all over even though it said do not touch) and a display case with Coppola’s Oscars. There were some great costumes from Dracula which I fawned over because I think that movie is amazing and Gary Oldman slays. IMG_3177.JPG

We didn’t wine taste, but we did go to the in-house restaurant and had wine with our pizza– naturally the cuisine is Italian. The restaurant has a rustic Italian vibe and a patio that would be great to sit at in the summer. So moral of the story, I need to plan another trip up with my roommate.

The next day was Thanksgiving! We dined at my aunt’s brother-in-law’s parents’ house (a mouthful, I know) in Oakland which is a little over an hour away from Santa Rosa.

Their house was up in the hills with a breathtaking view. It was clear enough that we could even see San Francisco. IMG_3183.JPG

We enjoyed wine and cheese and the sunny weather in the backyard and then headed back inside for dinner. It wasn’t like being at home, but it was fun. It made me feel thankful to be living in California now and experiencing a whole new world– at home it’s usually freezing and there is no outside activity save for cigar smoking which I do not partake in.

The rest of my time in NorCal we checked out cute small Sonoma County towns and had an abundance of wine. Of course.

On my last day, we went to the town of Sonoma and drove through the wine country to get there. It was honestly awing– The mountains were green and the grape wines were yellow and red and orange.

When we made it to Sonoma we ate at a trendy restaurant that Ludacris apparently had just visited– The Girl and the Fig. It was quite charming. I had a nice salad, a great burger, delicious shoestring fries and a gin cocktail with my favorite complementary ingredient, elderflower. IMG_3207.JPG

All in all it was a solid, relaxing Thanksgiving weekend, and I will definitely be returning to NorCal in the future. Though this was not my first time; I visited my aunt and uncle when I graduated high school, but I was not of age then so this was a whole new and exciting experience.

And for a few weeks before Thanksgiving I had felt myself missing the ~fall feels~ so I felt overwhelmingly delighted and satisfied to have gotten the full California fall experience– leave changes, chills, rain and wine.

For more California thankfulness,

Stay Tuned


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