My friend Allen is a foodie. He has two high school friends that live in LA, so he’s checked out the restaurant scene– well at least the hipster food scene. Since I moved here, he has been telling me to go to Sqirl in Silverlake (where he once saw Jon Hamm). He would not stop talking about it so when Alex came to visit, we decided we should try it out.

Honestly, I wanted to hate it… I have this thing where if someone hypes something up I feel very opposed to it. So the fact that this restaurant is trendy and a total Silverlake (basically the Brooklyn of LA) destination made me want to hate it. Alex as a New Yorker also wanted to hated it for its trendiness.

Much to our chagrin, however, it was incredible.

The menu is pretty healthy and very vegetarian friendly, luckily for Alex. He chose “The Full Woodstock” which is a veggie sandwich with avocado, sprouts, shredded veggies like carrots with sunflower tahini on some kind of amazing looking bread.


I opted for one of their rice bowls which consisted of brown rice with sorrel (some kind of spinach) pesto, preserved lemon (I love lemon zest), sheep feta (it sounds weird but it was really salty and creamy) hot sauce, watermelon radish (it looked pretty but I opted not to touch it) and a poached egg.

Poached eggs are my favorite kind of eggs. This poached egg may have been the best I have ever had in my life. I forked the yolk and began to mix the contents of the bowl together, and the egg fell apart perfectly.

Usually I am a fast eater, but the flavors in the bowl were so rich that I had to eat it slowly and was thankfully forced to savor it. I added sausage to the bowl which was apparently not a great choice. They’re so veggie they don’t really know how to cook it. It was pretty bland and not a great texture either. But they also have chicken sausage, and I feel that they probably make that better.

The line for Sqirl is usually ridiculous, but we went on an off peak time– 3ish so the wait wasn’t too bad.

From  one veg friendly place to another. For Alex’s last night, we decided on a vegetarian restaurant in Venice on Abbot Kinney called The Butcher’s Daughter. At first the menu was intimidating mostly because I read the words “almond mozzarella.” There are two problems with that. 1. Let cheese live. 2. I am allergic to nuts. But not to worry, they had real cheese too.

The menu consisted mostly of salads and pizzas. One of the pizza specials of the night featured zucchini and eggplant. My roommate and I spotted the size of the pizza on another table– way bigger than personal size– so we opted to split the pizza and grab an app– o-1.jpgfried green tomatoes topped with burrata, lime and mint oil. The breading was light and the peppers were FRESH, and do I really have to comment on how good the burrata was? The flavor combos were great, and the sauce on top was surprisingly spicy but we both enjoy spicy things so it was delicious.

The pizza was also amazing. Again the veggies were FRESH, and they gave us a side of finely grated parm that took our enjoyment of the meal to the next level (we’re freaks for cheese).

The best part of the meal besides the taste, was that it was all guilt free because we were consuming an obscene amount of veggies! We were full by the time we finished the pizza, but we didn’t feel bloated or overstuffed. So obviously, we went to Sweet Rose Creamery afterwards, and I got some Matcha flavored ice cream.

It’s important to have a balanced meal, right?

For more meal breakdowns,

Stay Tuned.


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