Crazy-ex G…O PATS

Last weekend was jam packed. Saturday was the March, and Sunday I returned Downtown with friends to watch the AFC/NFC Championships and see Rachel Bloom at the LA Riot Comedy Festival.

Much to my friends’ dismay, I am a Patriots fan so I had to insist that we watch the game before going to the comedy show. The Bengals are my dad’s team so I also root for them and therefore despise the Steelers so this was a high stress game for me.

So, in the torrential downpour that is so foreign to LA, we hopped in a Lyft and headed Downtown to Tom’s Urban to watch the game. Tom’s has the perfect environment for sporting events– dozens of giant TVs, great apps (we went with the fries combo: garlic shoestring and cinnamon chipotle sweet potato) and a solid beer selection with the option to increase you pint size. I went with the 22oz.

We left to get to the show a few minutes into the third quarter, but by then it was pretty clear that the Pats would be the team to face off against the Falcons in Super Bowl 51 so I was a good sport about having to leave early.

Luckily for us, the rain had simmered down to a trickle though it was quite chilly. I did not really know what LA Riot was, but apparently it is a big comedy festival where you can by tickets to different comedian’s shows or passes to see several. They embraced the festival element by taking over a parking lot with food trucks, an arcade, photo booth, a picnic area with fake grass (I guess to create the feeling of sitting in a park in the Summertime *breathes out a wistful sigh*) and…. a ferris wheel! If it hadn’t have been freezing, I would have gladly climbed aboard the ferris wheel to catch some sweet nighttime LA views, but alas, it was too cold and wet, so we huddled together with hoods up as we waited to be seated.

For those of you who don’t know who Rachel Bloom is, she is the brilliant creator of a magical musical comedy show called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Seriously, it is such a fun show and explores so many different musical genres which makes it such a joy to watch (last week they did an episode that centered around the Santa Ana winds blowing into town and throwing everyone for a loop, as these winds apparently do, and they made the wind a Jersey Boys-type character with his song was in the Frankie Valli vain. It was utterly delightful.)


Anyway, her show was amazing and she sang several songs from the show and some of her other well-known parody songs. She was an absolute delight and proved to be a great ending to our female empowerment weekend.

For more insights into my wide-ranging fandoms,

Stay Tuned


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