Baby Burrrrrito

Last night, I had the best burrito that I have consumed since moving here which has inspired me to create a burrito ranking.

Let’s begin.

  1. Tacos Tu Madre. Last night it was raining, and my roommate and I craved a bit of comfort and we found it wrapped in a perfectly toasted and flavorful flour tortilla. Lately I have been ordering fish or shrimp burritos because it’s different and why not, but this time I decided to go with chicken. Inside my grilled chicken burrito were rice, beans, cilantro lime marinated chicken, pico de gallo, avocado cream sauce, red pepper aioli, and chili lime queso fresco. The flavor combination was sensational. The fusion of the red pepper aioli with the avo cream sauce sinking into the base lime flavoring was amazing. It got a little messy towards the bottom but it was an amazing eating experience. Tacos Tu Madre also has a whimsical atmosphere that I liked. It’s basically a taco stand, but has indoor seating in a little room (great for people watching while waiting for food to arrive) filled with cartoonish drawings of Mexican wrestlers and pinatas and a consciously cool wall of plants. They also had a unique selection on their menu with a broad range of flavor combos. My roommate got a fried cod burrito. She said the fish was perfectly crisp and there was a yummy combo of spicy and sweet within the flavors of her burrito. That is definitely on my list of burritos to try next. Right after the breakfast burrito that includes tots within its wrappings… 10/10 will go back. 
  2. Plancha. Inconspicuously located in a strip mall in Beverly Hills, my roommate took me to Plancha when I returned from Christmas break after she picked me up at LAX. Here I opted for a grilled fish burrito, and I was not disappointed. The fish was cooked really well and the flavor combos (this burrito had your typical ingredients plus some chipotle cream sauce which stepped up the experience) were delicious. They also give you chips with your burrito and have an impressive salsa bar with this really delicious creamy, green salsa. Since it is in a strip mall, it doesn’t have the best atmosphere but it would be great to pop in on a sunny day and sit at their outside tables to eat. And free chips are never a bad thing. 8/10.
  3. KayNDaves Catina. I went here after a very long day of work for my roommate’s birthday dinner with some of her family. Luckily, it was conveniently located in Culver City three minutes from my office. It was a girl’s night (plus her boyfriend) which was nice, and they had a delicious blackberry margarita with mint that made my world that night. I got a perfectly executed chicken burrito. It was huge and we of course ordered guacamole to start so I took the other half home, and it was just as good the next day. The atmosphere is cool– it’s dark and everything is made out of wood. It’s also not totally overpriced considering the cool/upscale feel of the place.  8/10 will definitely return.
  4. Loteria Grill. I have been to two locations of this restaurant and had the same camaron (shrimp) burrito and it was delicious both times so they are consistent. Both locations are nice too. One is at The Farmer’s Market which is always a great experience and the other, larger location is in Hollywood with typical Mexican decor. The shrimp was cooked well and was well complemented by the presence of avocado in the burrito as well. Though I enjoyed this burrito and both of the locations, this is definitely more pricey than the other taco joints. 7/10.
  5. Cerveteca. I took my friend Alex here when he was visiting. It’s a beach shack-looking taco stand on Venice Blvd. in Culver City. I got a shrimp burrito. It was definitely good but the shrimp was not as good as the shrimp from Loteria, and the burrito fell apart very easily to the point where I was eating it with a knife and fork. The atmosphere is nice for a sunny day or warm night but not so much a rainy one as there is undercover seating but not totally inside seating. Though they do have heat lamps which was pleasant. 6/10.
  6. Lula. Once when I was running errands for work, I walked by Lula and thought it looked really cool– it was colorful and lit in neon lights– and wanted to go inside. The Friday after I walked by it, I went to it with a group of friends. Located on Main Street in Santa Monica, the inside was just as cool as the outside– really fun colors and vibes. They had delicious guac. Definitely some of the best I’ve had here. They’re margaritas were pretty– they came with a flower– and they had great flavor options, but they were very small and very overpriced. Here I got a shrimp burrito and was disappointed by the way the shrimp was cooked (I would say it was bad. I let it fall out of the burrito with not attempt to eat it afterwards) It was cooked hard, and the flavor combos within the burrito were just okay. So, subpar burritos. Overpriced margs. Fun atmosphere. 5/10.

To hear more about my burrito consumption,

Stay Tuned


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