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All Quiet on the Western Front

Last weekend, my roommate had a friend in town. He is from California, and lives in NorCal. Since he’s not a tourist, Charlotte wanted to figure out a fun outing for Saturday that was new for everyone.

In the early afternoon, we headed down the 10 and cruised the PCH through Malibu, up into the Agora Hills to a restaurant called The Old Place for brunch. When you step onto the property, it smells like a bonfire. The restaurant looks like a log cabin and an inside that is all made of wood and charmingly rustic. It’s very small and  the bar was packed but luckily we made a reservation and snagged a booth.


The menu had a great selection of breakfast classics and sandwiches. We all opted for sandwiches– mostly because they included a side. I got the BLT with the noodle bake– the bacon was a bit thick for my taste and I also prefer it crispier than it was, but the noodle bake (basically mac and cheese) was delicious and creamy. The meal also came with a wedge of watermelon which I appreciated. Best of all, I had what they called a Manmosa– a mimosa in a pint glass, basically my dream come true.

Afterwards, we went next door to the Cornell Winery and Tasting room to taste some wine. Four wines were included in the flight for a mere $10– our  group also got a bonus, the wine distributer poured us the pinot noir twice.

The tasting room was also a shop with unique jewelry, art prints and stuff for the home and of course, expensive wines. There was also a friendly border collie service dog who made the rounds through the crowd. At one point he leaned against me and let me pet him for awhile which made me think he was an emotional service dog since you know, I have emotions occasionally.

Then we made our way to Paramount Ranch aka WESTWORLD!


Paramount Ranch which was once owned by you guessed it, Paramount Studios where they filmed many a Western, is now part of a National Park with hiking trails spreading out beyond the permanent Western town. Some of the main street scenes of Westworld were filmed here as were the infamous church scenes. It was SO COOL.

On our way home, we stopped at the Malibu Pier for some coffee (not me, I’m a tea drinker) and views. We also witnessed the first halibut catch of the season! One of our group members was called over to help a fisherman catch the fish in a net as he reeled it in. It was a pretty big fish– 26 inches– and flopped around a lot. I felt a little bad for it…

Other than that, it was a great day!


For more outside the box adventures,

Stay Tuned


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