What I’ve Learned in Boating School is…

As of April 1st, I’ve officially been living in LA for 6 months! It’s an anniversary that I let go unnoticed (very unlike me but I have been busy the past few weeks), but it feels like a big milestone all the same, especially when I consider how much I have learned and grown over the few months I have lived here.

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LA is a huge city so I’ve had to use Google Maps almost everyday when I had to go anywhere, but I’m finding now, finally, I have a handle on the major streets and highways, and my sense of direction has improved to the point where I don’t need it for day to day travel.

Another thing I’ve learned living in LA is the importance of (and the need for) the will to HUSTLE. The entertainment industry isn’t an easy one to break into, and you have to be willing to work away at it anyway you can. I have been working not so steadily as an in-house PA at a commercial production company where my duties mostly consist of bi-weekly Target runs; I’ve PA’d on a few commercial sets which I have absolutely loved; I’ve worked freelance as an Office PA with two production teams (also running errands) on a vacuum commercial and a gum commercial; I’m a regular dogsitter for a freelance make-up artist; and I also signed up with a background casting agency and have since acted on 2 shows– one of which I was ~featured~ on, and I will tell you that story when the episode airs… All while also applying to full time office jobs at entertainment companies and signing up for/meeting with temp agencies.

*Takes DEEP breath*

Freelance life is hard… and stressful when you’re young and just starting out and also don’t get paid that much for the jobs you’re doing… which is why I’ve made the move to temp agencies and actively apply to entry-level office jobs.

On to my next lesson– Queso is not Mexican and if you bring it up to a Californian they will not know what you’re talking about because it’s Tex-Mex and “not real Mexican”. It’s appalling, I know. Despite the lack of my favorite dip, the Mexican food here is amazing, and I have learned a lot about what makes one place good (Tacos Tu Madre) and one not so good (Lula’s)… It’s all about the flavors and also the way the meat/fish is cooked… and there is nothing like a good, homemade tortilla.

Since most days in LA are warm and sunny, I have found that the city produces some excellent dog sightings, and I can find my favorite breed– French Bulldogs– out in abundance. My New Year’s resolution was actually to pet a Frenchie, and I have now pet five so I would say 2017 is going very well.

But the biggest thing I have learned is that it is important to find your own happiness when things aren’t going your way. My favorite ways to promote my happiness in LA are strolling around Greystone Mansion, catching a movie at The Grove Pacific Theaters (the velvet seats are everything), taking in beachy views, drinking mimosas and inhaling delicious burritos.

For more LA lessons,

Stay Tuned!

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